Canon 10x32 IS Binoculars

Premium 10x binoculars with Powered Image Stabilizer for birdwatching, spectator sports and travel

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Well-balanced, premium binoculars that get you 10x closer with bright, detailed and rock steady handheld views. Precision optics and a Powered Image Stabilizer, which uses the same lens-shift IS technology as Canon’s renowned EF lenses, offer revolutionary levels of stability and clarity. Plus they are designed for your viewing comfort - making them ideal for observing a wide range of subjects over longer periods.


  • Superb quality, high power binoculars with 10x magnification.
  • Ideal for birdwatching, nature and spectator events like horse racing or air shows.
  • Enjoy super steady handheld tracking and viewing with lens-shift type Standard and Powered Image Stabilizer (IS) modes
  • Effortlessly switch from Standard to Powered IS mode using simple buttons at the top of the binoculars
  • Clearly and accurately identify subjects thanks to Canon's Porro II prism precision optics with Super Spectra lens coating
  • Experience a sharp, low distortion image from edge-to-edge with field flattener elements
  • Comfortable to use for long periods with a well-balanced, easy grip design and fingertip control
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USB Drive (Containing user manual)
Original Packaging
Double Eyepiece Cap
Binoculars Strap
BZ1032 Binoculars Case
Single Eyepiece Cap